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Wealth Accumulation is basic building block of any account and can otherwise be categorized as your investment(s). Your investments can take on many forms: Stock(s), Bond(s), Mutual Fund(s), Exchange Traded Fund(s), Alternative Investment(s), etc.
Risk Management is more encompassing than merely insurance, as identifying what risks you are willing to take and the potential tradeoffs associated with each element of risk.
Estate Planning creates a plan for you and your assets not only at death, but more importantly, during your life.
Business Planning is the process of utilizing your business as an element of your personal balance sheet, and identifying the role it plays in your net worth.
Taxation Planning identifies the specific tax implications or benefits of financial decisions.
Education Planning helps the children of a family be able to afford the best education for which they qualify.
Retirement Planning evaluates your current financial position, creating an accumulation plan for your retirement assets, and identifying how to best distribute your retirement assets; as your retirement could last 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

Independence Capital Financial Partners (ICFP) is a financial planning and wealth management firm whose partners represent over 75 years of financial planning experience servicing the Chicagoland area.

ICFP is conveniently located in Lombard, Illinois extending our services to multiple states.

ICFP is an active member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Why Independence ?

Being independent means we are not forced to sell proprietary products or meet sales quotas. Therefore, we are not pressured or distracted by corporate interests and can focus on what is best for you and your financial goals.

Financial Planning and Wealth Management in Oak Brook Illinois

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